CodeX Crypto is a company engaged in the field of crypto assets, our first products are codexcrypto exchange and codexcrypto tokens.

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Easy trade

We have a simple user interview, making it very easy for you to make transactions on codexcrypto exchange.

Browser support

CodeX Crypto exchange can be accessed from any browser, you can make transactions through a mobile browser.

Low Fee

Transaction fees and asset withdrawal fees in codexcrypto are very cheap, you can save costs with BTC and ETH.

About Us

CodeX Crypto was founded in December 2017, at the first time cryptocurency began to crowded the world.

CodeX Crypto came from Estonia and tried to compete with local exchanges in Estonia.

With an easy-to-understand user interface and very low transaction fees, we are confident that it can be a preferred alternative exchange.

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Our Services

Some products are currently and will be made by us.

Digital Asset Exchange

The place to exchange digital assets such as BTC, ETH, USDT, IDRT etc!

CodeX Crypto Token

Utility token used for transaction fee on codexcrypto exchange!

CodeX Crypto News

Media information about the world of cryptocurrency in particular in Estonia!

CodeX Crypto API

Trading using an API robot, can be done by third party services!

CodeX Crypto Robot

Trading using a profitable API robot, without having to do it manually!

Digital E-commerce

Marketplace, for digital products, such as e-books, applications, software etc.!


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